Green Line

Our textile company fulfilling the norms of environmental care, recovery efforts made ​​textiles. These cloths and rags he takes warewashing process, you remove any accessories such as brooches, studs, buttons, zippers etc.


Industrial cleaning rag

Retrieved common color, containing different qualities of rags except jeans. They come in polyethylene bag 1-10 Kg



Rag shirts recovered

Contains only cotton rags: Joggins, towel, piquet, savanna, and Friza shirt, cut and packaged in polyethylene bag 1-10 Kg



Grille rag or gauze cloth

This is a 100% cotton cloth with all power absorption, comes only in ecru and packed in polyethylene bags of 1-10 kg Suitable for all kinds of cleaning because it is absorbing, colorfast or leave lint.



Cleaning rag

Obtained from recycled shirt or friza, crude or white. Material 100% cotton and 100% absorbent cloth for cleaning is delicate because its texture is softer and does not give off any lint. Presentation: cloth cut approximately 60x60 cm, paked in polyethylene bags of 1-10 kg.