Trapolimp of Diego C. Soc Martinez actually started its activities in 1971 as wash rags for industry and sales of tow. Subsequently Diego Martinez with Mirta G. Matinez Otín of tow production annexed in 1977. At the time the sale was delineated to the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, Cordoba and Neuquén.

In 1989 SRL is created whose members are TRAPOLIMP Diego C. Martinez, Mirta G. Otín of Matinez and Leonel Martinez. Changes in the standards of quality and standardization of products made to start producing its own tissues by buying machines for carrying out this task. In the 90's is diversified into the marketing of other products from the recycling of textile products as raw material for the production of yarns and cottons marketed in Argentina and in Chile.

To this end it acquired the latest technology for the recycling of these products. Due to growing demand for pure unbleached cotton production structure was completed acquiring a mill. This will have a factory that takes raw cotton and textile products and transforms them to have an ideal fabric for the needs of the industry today, a homogeneous, standardized and reliable supply.

Today TRAPOLIMP SRL is a company unique in its production and leader in its field, has an area of 35,000 m2 with a covered area of 3542 m2, sold throughout the Republic of Argentina from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, in sectors as diverse as the Food Industries, Oil and Mining, Automotive and auto parts, Printers and Publishers, Metal, Power Generators, Winery and Bottling, Paint, Carrier, etc. 



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